Family photographer with gorgeous family in Phoenix Mountain Preserve at sunset
While You're Here...

…Why not take a look around?  Grab yourself some popcorn (I prefer mine with lots of pepper and parmesan cheese.  Do it.  You’ll thank me later) and a refreshing drink, and get that index finger ready for scrolling.  As you explore, hopefully you’ll find a perfect mixture of all things happy and heart-warming and silly and lovely and crazy and sweet and real.

I photograph it all: the posed & the candid, the laughter & the grumps, the intimate & the loud, the big wide landscape that you love & the tiny details too.

So.  Welcome.  Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Virginia.  I’m a Boise photographer based in the North End neighborhood near the Boise foothills, but I love shooting all over this beautiful state of Idaho (and in Colorado and Arizona too)!  If you feel like it wouldn’t be too totally awful to hang out with me, and then maybe I could take some photographs while we’re at it… just say the word.  I would be super excited to meet you and make some art together.