Patty & Taylor | Denver Engagement

August 19, 2014
fun colorful candid engagement photo Phoenix Arizona wedding photographer

This Denver photo shoot is one of my all-time, without-a-doubt, most-fun, top, favorite sessions. Of all time. Did I say that already? Yes. Yes, I did. I did it twice. For emphasis.

We had planned to shoot in Boulder so we could get a mix of mountain views as well as urban spaces, but Taylor sent me a message a few hours before we’d planned to meet. “Just remembered the Boulder triathlon is happening today, so things could be crazy up there.” To be honest, I’m kind of surprised these two experienced triathletes weren’t involved in the race, but still, good thinking, Taylor! We decided to change things up at the last minute and shoot in downtown Denver – I am SO glad we did. Denver is where they met. Where they live, work, run-cycle-swim-sweat, and where they fell in love. And it just so happens to be my favorite place for a photo shoot.

Our session started downtown, and we had a blast exploring the new & improved Union Station. I felt like I was walking around town with old friends, catching up on life, laughing at stupid jokes (Taylor’s, not mine). Ha! I feel like one of my strengths is making people feel comfortable, but these two really made ME feel just as at ease.

Just before sunset, we headed out of the city to grab “a few shots” of the mountains at sunset. Another perk of living & working in Denver – the mountains are never far away. But with me, it’s never a few shots. We played around until dark, until they were locking the gates to the park. Like I said, this session is one of my faves. But it’s not just because of how much fun I had. Watching these two connect was really cool. They became so comfortable by the end of our time together that I didn’t have to ask for smiles or laughs. It’s just who they are and what they do to each other.