Family Photographer | Evergreen, CO

February 2, 2015
mom and sons laughing holding hands winter family photo session

When I say “family photographs” what comes to mind? If you’re like me, there’s a faint memory of being forced to sit in a rocking chair in front of a woodsy backdrop at JC Penney’s, tears rolling down my cheeks while my dad yelled at me to suck it up and smile. Ha. And with that kind of memory, who really gets excited about taking family pics?

Not to mention the fact that hiring a photographer can be intimidating and a little overwhelming. For starters, you don’t really know what to expect and all these questions pop up. What if the photographer is really awkward or makes us do really cheesy stuff, like sitting with our chins in our hands? Do we have to wear matching outfits? Will the photographer hold our images hostage and try to sell us prints for $150 a piece?!? What if the kids are a disaster and cry the whole time? WHAT IF SHE DOESN’T GET A SINGLE PHOTO WITH EVERYONE SMILING?!?! I get it. I really do.

When I insisted that we do family photos with our 6 month old son, my husband was skeptical. And when I also insisted that our family photo session include our crazy two-year-old dog, Goose, my husband was more than a little annoyed. It meant finding time in our busy schedules, picking out coordinating outfits, getting up extra early, and walking around a park at the ungodly hour of 6 a.m. to catch the best light. There was some nervousness (What am I supposed to do with my hands?!?) and some irritability (I haven’t had my 6 cups of coffee yet!!) – and five minutes in, our dog ran off and jumped in a muddy lake.

So, I get it. With all the questions, all the unknowns, and all the variables, hiring a photographer can feel like a really big investment with very little guarantee of a positive outcome. Yes, your kids might melt down. Your dog might be a total disaster. And your hair might go limp before the session has even started. But still. It’s totally worth it. I promise.

And while I can’t tell you exactly how our session will unfold or precisely what photos you’ll get as a result, I can tell you this: It will be fun and light-hearted. You will laugh – maybe at yourselves, but definitely at me. Your kids will get a chance to smile and run around and be themselves. I’ll help with picking out a location that fits your vision, and I’ll even help pick out outfits if you need some advice. We might end up using snacks to bribe your little ones, and we might yell POOP instead of CHEESE. There won’t be too much awkward posing, and if your kids aren’t feeling it, we’ll change things up. Ultimately you’ll end up with photographs that you love because they capture your family, exactly as you are at this point in your lives.

This family session in Evergreen, Colorado is a perfect example of all of the above. There was laughter, hugs, poop jokes, and dancing. Despite the cold and the wind, we had a really great time. And the photographs captured this family’s love and connection perfectly.

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