Colorado Wedding | Briarwood Inn

March 24, 2015
colorful fall wedding bride and groom smiling in love

When I first met with Erin & Jeff to discuss their wedding photography needs, I was only a few weeks out from having a baby. I’m pretty sure I wreaked of spoiled milk and baby vomit and I’m not entirely sure I had showered. They hired me anyway.

Which says something about these two. Maybe it says that they were too in love and too distracted by each other to notice how disheveled the lady sitting across the table actually was. Or maybe it says that they are laid back, friendly, fun, and easy to please. Perhaps it’s a mixture of both. Either way, I was so thrilled they chose me to photograph their wedding… and I promised to be more presentable on their big day. 🙂

There are two lessons in this story for the budding, aspiring wedding photographer. One: there will always be excuses about why it’s not the right time, or why you can’t make it to a client meeting, or why you’re just not ready to take that leap. But if you make excuses, you won’t ever make anything of yourself. I was home with a three day old when I got Erin’s first email about meeting to talk about wedding photography and the answer, without hesitation, was yes. Second lesson: when you find your ideal client, and when it really clicks, it isn’t about how you sell yourself or what you bring with you to the meeting to show off your work. It’s about the personal connection you make with your clients, and finding the clients who love your work AND love you.

Which brings me back to Erin & Jeff and their gorgeous, sparkly, sunshine-filled, Colorado wedding. They welcomed me into their day and their family with open arms, and it felt as if I was hanging out with old friends, not working to photograph my clients. The day was easy, breezy, simple, and fun. There were so many genuine smiles and full belly laughs. They set aside more than enough time to make photographs a priority (YESSSS!) and they embraced and appreciated the fact that I was there to capture such an important moment in their lives. Erin wrote me a thank you note, got me a necklace with a camera charm, and as I left at the end of the night, they hugged me and said, “We love you! Thank you!”

I don’t have to gush about how light-hearted these two are, how stunning Erin was as a bride, and how adorably, puppy-love-struck Jeff is. It’s obvious and it shows in every one of the photos from their wedding day. Take a look.

And if you have an interest in getting together to chat about your own wedding photos, get in touch! Just promise not to judge me if I smell like baby puke or have a toddler’s lollipop stuck to my rear.

Beautiful wedding venue provided by The Briarwood Inn located in Golden, Colorado.


ohhhh I love her shoes! Gorgeous work! <3

They were so great! She was just the cutest bride ever. 🙂 Thanks, Elizabeth!!

Gorgeous! Love the depth of field in the top image, makes such a romantic vibe. And that black and white bridal on the couch is so glam!

Stunning images! They’re so crisp and clean and lovely! Such a romantic wedding!

Thank you, Taylor! Love getting feedback from you – love your work too!

Oh, they are just wonderful!! I thought while I went through these, ” If only my wedding photos looked like this!”

🙂 Thank you so much, Keziah! You are too sweet!

Beautiful work! I love the black and white of the bride peeking out from behind the veil.

🙂 Thanks, Melissa!

What a lovely wedding. The Briarwood Inn is such a great location and you did an amazing job capturing the mood!

🙂 Thanks, Rayna!

this day looks so gorgeous! I absolutely love the shots at night too. 🙂

Thanks, Sharee!

What a beautiful day! I love all the authentic emotion you captured. Also, I totally have those shoes in blue. 😀 #obsessed

Misty! Those shoes are FABULOUS. Jealous! Thanks for your sweet comments!

I love these! And I love what you said about really connecting with clients–totally true!

🙂 Thank, Jennie. It is the thing I put the most energy into and what I care about the most. It’s not just the photos, it’s the whole experience.

Love these! They have great taste in everything! Especially photographers!

Haha! Yes, Sarah, totally!