Diamond Cross Ranch | Wyoming Wedding

September 3, 2015
bride and groom walking in field Grand Tetons Wyoming sunet

What can I possibly say about this wedding that will even begin to express what it was like to be there, to share in the happiness, to witness the love, to celebrate with two incredibly genuine and deserving people?  I consider myself a writer and have always felt like I could use words to best express my emotions and my experiences.  But, this one, this one leaves me pretty speechless.  This one feels like words won’t begin to do it justice.

Ashley and Nick’s Wyoming wedding was, in every sense of the word, flawless.  From the joy and ease and closeness felt in the cabins as the couple got ready in the morning, to the sweet notes they wrote each other, to the fun and stylish bridal party, to the incredible venue with a laid back atmosphere and dramatic views, to the wild and rustic flowers.  The impeccable details, the thoughtfulness of each moment, the food, the drinks (mmmmm, beer!), the dancing.  The heartfelt ceremony, the passionate and vulnerable vows, the tears shed by bride, groom, officiant, maid of honor, parents, wedding guests, and OKAY… the photographer… yes, I cried.  Every bit of this day was absolute perfection, and I cannot think of two people more deserving of the perfect wedding day than this bride and groom.

There were moments of such sweetness between Ashley and her bridesmaids, and there was a clear and honest bond between Nick and his groomsmen.  It was obvious from early on in the day that they were surrounded by friends and family who loved them so completely.  There’s something about that – when you’re a part of a wedding where the couple is not just in love, but the couple is so loved themselves.  There’s a different energy.  I can’t quite explain it.  But it’s something like real, honest to goodness, unfiltered, unapologetic joy and elation.  It radiated out of Ashley and Nick – I’ve never seen their smiles so big.  And it showed on the faces of everyone there.

Beyond all the perfection and flawlessness and dreamy goodness of the day (I say I’m not a sappy romantic, but I definitely turn into one when I write about weddings)… it was just plain fun.   There was so much laughter and silliness that my cheeks hurt from smiling (almost as much as my feet hurt from dancing) by the end of the night.

Other items of fabulousness of which you should take note:  Ashley’s dress was the best dress ever, there were horses and one was named Freckles, and that veil!  If you’re a bride debating about wearing a veil or not – DO IT.  🙂


Thanks to the following awesome vendors for adding so much to this gorgeous day:

Venue: Diamond Cross Ranch

Coordinator: Kathi at Special Events Jackson Hole

Cake & Catering: YUM!  Jackson Lake Lodge Company

THE DRESS!  Felice Bridal in Cherry Creek

Florals: Creative Botanicals

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Dreamy location! And what a gorgeous wedding, so beautifully photographed! Congrats to all!!

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Obsessing over the first and third image. Pure wedding day magic!

That veil shot is just stunning! What a beautiful day. You captured it so well.

These are STUNNING. I adore the veil shots. And woah! The horse! Job very well done! Gorgeous!

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I LOVE her dress! and those first few photos with the horse and the landscape…so beautiful!

Michele with one L

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