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October 29, 2015
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I’m not sure if you know this, but toddlers can kind of be assholes sometimes.  Whoa, whoa… before you get all defensive and momma-bear on me, let me say, I mean that in the most adoring and loving and light-hearted way.  You’re all, “Did she just call my baby an A-hole?!?!?” and I’m like, “I mean, am I wrong?”  Haha.  See, like this kid.  She just kept wanting to run around and we kept asking her to sit still.  Over and over.  What a jerk!

I’m not talking about YOUR kid specifically – heck, I’ll talk about my own.  He’s two.  He’s amazing and full of laughter and excitement and love and might even be one of the happiest most enjoyable toddlers out there.  But he also wakes up from an afternoon nap and hates everything because he’s two and he’s just cranky, dammit.  I’ll ask if he wants some milk and he says, “No!  Yes?  Yes!” and then promptly throws the milk to the ground in a fit of rage when I hand it to him.  In general, toddlers are just learning the concept of free will and testing it out.  Ask them to sit and they run, ask them to run and they sit.  “Chuck, do that thing you’ve been doing all day that has been really funny and cute so Daddy can see!” I’ll say.  And he’ll look at me as if to reply, “I will never do that cute thing ever again now that you’re asking me to.”

It’s just a part of family life with young kids.  Even the sweetest, most smily, happy kid can have bad days and bad moments.  So if you’ve ever seen that side of your own toddler, even if it was only for a brief moment, chances are, it will show up for our photo shoot.  Truth.

For example, sweet Anna.  Every photo I’ve ever seen of this little lady is one where she is grinning ear to ear.  She has an incredible personality and is a buttery ball of joy and enthusiasm.  By all accounts, she is one of the world’s least a-hole toddlers.  🙂  But a photo session is a new and unusual experience for kiddos – they show up to something they’ve been promised will be FUN!, we want them to sit or be held and not explore their surroundings.  Everyone is pressuring them to smile and saying their name over and over and over, and there’s this weird lady with a camera doing dances and making fart noises.  Overall, it can be a bit alarming.  So, as many toddlers do, Anna gave me a lot of apprehensive stares and she wasn’t too keen on sitting still or being told what to do.

Is the point of this blog post to make you terrified of doing family photos with a toddler?  No.  Is it to offend you all by calling your kids mean, inappropriate names?  Definitely not. (Sorry, Anna! Love you, Boo!)  It’s to say this: We will get your posed-happy-family-everyone-look-at-the-camera-this-is-going-on-the-holiday-card-and-I-paid-good-money-for-this-session-so-EVERYONE-LOOK-AT-THE-CAMERA-AND-SMILE!-photo.  I can’t guarantee it, but chances are, we will.  We will get smiles.  We’ll get snuggles.  We’ll capture the perfectly put together family that you’re hoping to freeze in time as proof that sometimes, even if it’s only for a second, you all had your sh*t together.  See?

But only if you’re willing to get the other photos too.  The thumb sucking and snuggling into daddy’s chest photo.  The stop at the stream and throw rocks even if we might get muddy photo.  The cracker in hand and cheek full of snacks photo.  The mom and dad sit and laugh while the kids run amuck photo.  The little explorer photo.  The snuggle me I’m tired of these photos photo. The peek-a-boo photo.  The sit down in your new white tights and play in the dirt to your heart’s content photo.  The we just lied to you and said that Mickey Mouse is flying over Miss Virginia’s head so you’ll look over there photo.  The dancing with momma photo.  The running around with dadda photo.  The don’t hold my hand I want to do it by myself photo.  The please hold my hand because I need you photo.  And who doesn’t want all of those photos too?  Maybe it’s just me, but those are the ones I’d hang on my wall.  Those are the ones that capture the essence of childhood and what it is to be a family and bring tears to my eyes as I look through them.

It is the families that embrace it and are able to laugh at their kids that get the most out of our sessions.  We sit down, we smile, and we try for a posed shot… and then we run and we play and we laugh and we stop for snacks.  So yes, toddlers can be tough at times.  But if you let them be and let them explore, if you roll with it with a smile on your face, chances are there will be some incredible moments captured and you will cherish those images most of all.


Oh my goodness! That little lady is so cute! I love photos you captured of her giggling with her Momma. So sweet!

Gorgeous location and stunning photos!

Ahhh, she is so cute! What a beautiful family session. In love with her sweet little grins and how her parents obviously adore her so much. So sweet!

Oh my goodness I adore your commentary here almost as much as the story in the photos! Beautiful storytelling all around — and this family is just adorable! Well Done!

So much yes. Toddlers are a-holes and you are amazing at capturing both that, AND the sweet adorable photos! Love this!

yes, yes, yes! So beautifully said!

Love the style and natural feel of the photos. Very journalistic!

Hilarious post. Totally true. Parents need a reality check that their two year old is not going to sit pretty for an hour to get photos. Possibly not even for 4 seconds. I laughed all the way through your post and loved the gorgeous photos. Lucky family!

I love your style Virginia!! So very pretty!

I can’t get enough of how cute this family is.

Love this blog post and the words you wrote alongside these adorable images!

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Toddlers are assholes lol.

OK, this made me tear up, and I’m not even pregnant and emotional! 🙂 Your words and pictures told the story so perfectly. And I agree with you, those unposed, “real life” pictures that capture the little moments…. those are what I will cherish for years to come. Thank you for capturing it all. It really is a priceless gift you give people!

Love it! Great post and pictures!

Haha! Hilarious and so true! Not only is your blog on point, but the photos are amazing as well, and truly capture a great mix of sweet and real moments. Lovely 🙂

Stephanie Sugaski

Beautiful session! That one of her on the bridge… OMG.

Haha, yes, yes, yes! You nailed it perfectly. Kids will be kids and that’s what families should want to remember.

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These photos are priceless. You captured the love and joy in this family so well.

Love these! I can imagine how beautiful they must look on the family’s wall.