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January 22, 2018
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Phoenix Mountain Preserve | Family Photography Session

This Phoenix family session was one of my favorites for a number of reasons – cute kids, easy-going parents, a gorgeous evening at one of the best little spots not too far from where I live.  The light was perfect, it wasn’t 197 degrees, and the grandparents came along to get in a few photos and help entertain the little ones.

Really though, I loved this session before it even started, before I had even met the children or noticed that the light was doing wonderful things that evening.  Why?  Because Mom let me help with their wardrobe choices.  I mean, for starters, I just love clothes.  So, if I get to live vicariously through you while you shop, this is an added perk to my job as a family photographer.  Really though, it makes me feel like we establish a level of trust and friendship and unite as women who are just trying to find something to wear that doesn’t make us look old, frumpy, and out of touch.  Am I right or AM I RIGHT?

These days, I ask my husband for wardrobe feedback and I think he’s terrified of saying the wrong thing.  So I get something like, “As long as you are comfortable and feel good in it, I think it’s fine.”  I mean??!?  How is that helpful?!!!?!  Haha.  So then I’m standing in front of the mirror taking selfies and sending SOS texts to my sister and best friend and you guessed it, then we are late to wherever it is we are going and it’s somehow my fault even though I blame Jesse for giving me absolutely worthless feedback about my outfit.

Am I getting off track?  Hmph.  Possibly.

My point is this – I love being able to help my clients with their wardrobe.  Yes, I want them to look their best for their photo session.  Yes, I want to take away some of the stress that comes with dressing a family of 4 or 6 or 10.  Yes, I’m happy to do the decision making since I get that sometimes all we want is someone else to take the wheel and do the brainwork (Side note: Why has making decisions become so debilitating now that I’m a mom?!?).

family young children happy smiling sunlight Phoenix Arizona family photography session

But also, I love being a friend to another mom.   I get so excited when clients text me while they’re out shopping; I smile when an email pops up with links to clothes they’re thinking of buying.  I am honored and humbled when my clients trust me with something personal, and I end up walking into a family photography session already feeling like I have made a new friend (If you’ve browsed my site at all, you know that I LOVE MAKING NEW FRIENDS.  LET’S BE FRIENDS!).

This sweet momma sent me some photos of her dress options and we chatted about what looked most flattering.  She found the time to read through my What To Wear Guide and actually took my advice as she picked clothes for her kids.  When my clients put some trust in me and listen to me on the off chance I might actually know what I’m talking about?!  This is huge.  HUGE.  And I walk in to our session with a little more confidence because I know, if all else goes to sh*t, at least their outfits are on point.  Haha.

If you’re on the hunt for a family photographer in the Phoenix, Arizona area, I would love to chat.  My sessions all include a What to Wear guide and personal attention as you plan your family’s wardrobe, as well as location scouting, a detailed family questionnaire, and an online gallery of edited images to make ordering and sharing super simple.  Get in touch today (click here!) to book a session!  Want more details?  Click here to read more about my family photography sessions.

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**Virginia Stiles is a family photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Sessions typically take place in Arcadia, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, McDowell Mountain, DC Ranch, Fountain Hills, South Mountain, Ahwatukee Foothills, McCormick Ranch, or Central Phoenix.  However, she is available for travel sessions to lovely places like Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Denver, Aspen, Beavercreek, Evergreen, Vail, Boulder, Glenwood Springs and beyond!**


This Phoenix family session is absolutely dreamy!! The light coming from behind those mountains is STUNNING! I need to get to Arizona soon!

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You have such a beautiful way of incorporating the beautiful scenery around you. Arizona has such a stunning and beautiful landscape. The fact that you care so much for your clients experience from what they where to feeling comfortable during the shoot makes you an amazing Phoenix Mountain Family Photographer.

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This is absolutely stunning! You can feel the love their family shares

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