Me & Mine

Hi! Hey! Hello There!

I like you. Let's be friends.

Sure, I love strong coffee and good wine. I love puppies, campfires, and bike rides. And carbs. I really love carbs. Mmmm. Carbs. But it isn’t really what I’m in to that matters. That stuff won’t show up in your pictures… unless you want me to bring puppies and pancakes to our photo shoot? That can definitely be arranged.  What matters:

I’m REAL. I like asking questions. I love getting to know people. Nothing really embarrasses me, and a lot of what I say could be lumped into the “TMI” category. Ha.

I’m CAREFREE.  I’m lively and fun and not easily flustered.  If you hire me, I will do my best to keep things easy and breezy and stress free during our session.

I’m SENTIMENTAL.  I’m not always good at being in the moment, but man, I get all soft and weepy when I think about time and how quickly it passes and how little ones don’t stay little very long.  My heart strings are pretty easily tugged, and I cry when I talk about things I love.

Anyway, I’m also pretty good with a camera.  So, shoot me an email (here!) and we can meet up for wine or beer or donuts or pancakes or any other carb/alcohol combo that floats your boat.  Let’s take photos!

Me & You & Photography Things

REAL. My style involves a combination of candid, fun, lively images and some that are more thoughtfully posed and arranged.  We will stand & smile & look at the camera while the photographer makes a fool of herself (who IS this weirdo woman?!?), and we will play & tickle & throw kids in the air until they puke (or our arms get tired, whichever happens first).  We want real moments, real smiles, real laughter, real interactions, and real life… and I have no problem being a REAL nerd to get y’all to loosen up.  Ha.     

CAREFREE. I don’t see the point of a photo shoot if we’re not having fun, interacting, and maybe sharing a laugh or two. I want you to not just love your photos, but also love your time hanging out with me (LET’S BE FRIENDS!!). My #1 rule: don’t stress and JUST. KEEP. SMILING.  I am a mom of two totally insane little boys (thus the poop jokes and fart noises), and I was also a teacher, a coach, and a camp counselor.  So nothing scares me, phases me, or stresses me out.  Well, nothing about YOUR kids stresses me out.  Mine, on the other hand… holy hell.  Send wine. 

SENTIMENTAL. I have a sentimental soul, and I see so much value in photographing our lives, every step of the way.  The big moments and the little details – they will all fade with time – and taking pictures keeps those things more vivid in our minds.  Photographs are such a real and tangible part of our memories; they are what we hold in our hands years later to evoke emotions and feelings that have faded with time.  I believe with my whole heart that these photos will be so important to you and so cherished by your children many years from now.

Get in touch (here!), get on my calendar, get your hair did, and get shopping!  Yes, booking a photo sesh is a perfectly good reason to buy new clothes.  And maybe some new shoes.  And definitely a new lip gloss.  Am I the only one with a lip gloss obsession?  NEVER ENOUGH LIP GLOSSES IN NEUTRAL PINKISH TONES.  Haha.  You have my permission.  And if you need wardrobe help, I’m your girl!


**Virginia Stiles is a family, newborn, and wedding photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona.  Sessions typically take place in Arcadia, Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, McDowell Mountain, DC Ranch, Fountain Hills, South Mountain, Ahwatukee Foothills, McCormick Ranch, or Central Phoenix.  However, she is available for travel sessions to lovely places like Tucson, Sedona, Flagstaff, Denver, Aspen, Beavercreek, Evergreen, Vail, Boulder, Glenwood Springs, Evergreen and beyond!**